Zymonostics ApS presents a pan-malaria point-of-care test - the new paradigme for malaria diagnosis:


  • Use of saliva samples
  • Excellent sensitivity / specificity
  • Suitable for low-resource settings
  • Simple to perform - no need of highly skilled personel


About Zymonostics ApS:

Zymonostics is situated in Aarhus, Denmark. The company is developing a diagnostic test for malaria diagnosis. The test is based on the Rolling-circle Enhanced Enzyme Activity Detection (REEAD) technology that can be adapted to a highly sensitive, specific and rapid pan-malaria point-of-care test suitable for low-resource settings and using non-invasive samples.

The technology is to be considered as a platform technology and can as such be used for testing against HIV and tuberculosis as well as monitoring drug response.

The commercialization of the malaria test is funded by seed investor Østjysk Innovation A/S.